New Year New You New Beginnings

by Angela Mozelle on January 6, 2017



Anita Baker is an artist I have enjoyed for more than 30 years.  I listened to her ballads as romantic overtures.  You may be familiar with some of her top hits.



  • You  Bring Me Joy
  • No One in The World
  • Sweet Love
  • You’re the Best Thing Yet
  • Giving You the Best I’ve Got

However recently listening to those same lyrics, I realized they are about self love, empowerment and healing. As we spend time caring for others, we can easily lay our feelings, thoughts and emotions to the side.  We forget to be the best that we have in our lives and bring joy to ourselves while we are constantly bringing that same joy to others.  We teach others how to treat us.  Perhaps I have evolved or really didn’t take the time to understand the real meaning of the music three decades ago.

If we believe that nothing happens until it is time for it to happen,  my time to get the true meaning of those songs has come.  I am happy to be able to share this with you.  I suggest that during this weekend, you listen to some of those songs and determine if they resonate with you and take appropriate self-care actions.

It is time for us to practice more self love, gratitude and appreciation.  The New Year is the perfect time to begin our New Beginning.  Whether it is moving to an Anita Baker tune or one of your favorite artist.  Go out — which is really going within and practice your Sweet Love because you are the best thing that is happening to YOU.

Wishing you the best 2017.  Stay tuned for some great programs and new adventures with New Beginnings this year.  Leave your comments and ideas.

Joy and light,


13 years into a New Beginning

by Angela Mozelle on December 14, 2016

It’s been 13 years since we were abruptly awakened to that early morning traumatic death of my husband.  There was a call for help, pain, ambulances, emergency assistance, hospital waits.  And finally the physician’s voice with words that seemed foreign to my ears.  It was more than shock.

My thoughts,” It’s ten days before the holiday season.  Our daughter is Senior Class President, Optimist Club President, about to graduate from high school. ”

With support from family, friends and neighbors, we managed.  Our daughter graduated from high school with the usual honors to which we had become accustomed.  She entered and graduated college.  Life goes on.

Each day is a New Beginning. We miss you.  We remember you.  We honor you.  Thank you for the special moments, the courage, the confidence, the honesty, the LOVE.

I share this story because I know many of you are going through this holiday season without loved ones in your physical presence.  Know that they are in a special place and messengers when we need them.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with love, peace, joy and continual blessings.



Self Care Road Trip

by Angela Mozelle on November 3, 2016

vbus-detailThe holidays are coming. Take some special time just for you before the busyness of the season arrives. Join New Beginnings and others as we take this road trip Saturday November 12th to Viejas to unwind, relax, reflect, sightsee and focus on you. You deserve it.
We will travel to Viejas on a luxury coach including special pampering. There will be prizes — gift baskets from Festive Flair Events, in home massage from Carol’s Healing Station, complimentary trip from You Truly Matter and more.

sign-viejas-450Register today for your Self Care Road Trip to Viejas.
You deserve this gift to and for yourself. Tell and bring a friend. Call today.

310 673 3349.

Get on the bus.



What Does Self Care Have to do with It?

by Angela Mozelle September 29, 2016 General Info

we become a part of the natural beauty that exists

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